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We love Pasta Grandé Macaroni because it makes the best mac and cheese. Macaroni, or as they say in Italy, maccheroni, is a straight, tubular, square-ended corta ‘short length’ pasta. Macaroni tastes great with a meaty bolognaise or a cheesy sauce.

Add macaroni to thicken soups, and for added texture, richness, and body.

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With terrific twists and beautiful bends, these colourful screws capture each and every delicious drop of sauce, and taste great when served with a wide range of ingredients.

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Penne Rigate

Penne – slender, hollow pasta shapes with the ends cut at an angle – resemble quill pens. Penne Rigate are the same, but ridged so the flavour stays locked in and the sauce clings to the ridges. Pasta Grandé Penne Rigate pairs wonderfully with chunky meat, vegetable, cream, or oil-based sauces.

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Pasta Grandé Shells scoop up any pasta sauce and are suited for big flavours as the shell holds the sauce. Try a smoked salmon and cream sauce, a garlicky prawn sauce, or even a shell pasta and tuna salad for a summery lunch.

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Spaghetti is a staple of traditional Sicilian and southern Italian cuisine. The classic long, round strands are ideally served with lighter sauces and delicately flavoured broths. Spaghetti bolognaise is a regular dish on many a South African table.

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Pasta Grandé Elbows are tubes that are bent in the shape of an elbow. They’re just the right type of pasta to use in cheesy oven-baked dishes. Elbows look and taste good added to soups, and add the authentic touch to minestrone. And as you probably already know, kids love elbows with tomato sauce and grated cheese.

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Tricolore Screws

Tricolore pasta derives its name from the green, white and red colours of the Italian flag.

Pasta Grandé Tricolore Screws are spiral shaped, multi-coloured pasta shapes. This shape of pasta is called rotini in Italian and the ridges and crevices are ideally partnered with clingy sauces.

Pasta Grandé Tricolore is delicious as a base for tomato, pepper, cheese and olive salads. Add a touch of green with green pepper or fresh basil, add a splash of white with pecorino or parmesan cheese, and a dash of vibrant red with fresh tomatoes, peppers, or even fiery chilli.

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Pasta Grandé Gnocchi pasta are hollow, ridged ‘boats’. These robust pasta shapes can be successfully served with a chunkier sauce. They add an appetising and sophisticated touch to salads.

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Mixed Ribbons

These flat, bite-sized Pasta Grandé ribbons come in two colours in a pack: green and white. Serve with a Napolitana sauce, a tomato-based sauce named after Naples. Kids love these ribbons coated with a plain tomato sauce. Add some chilli and garlic for the grown-ups.

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Cavatappi means corkscrew in Italian. Pasta Grandé’s Cavatappi are hollow, spiral shaped pasta tubes. They hold their own served with almost any pasta sauce, but are especially good with Amatriciana or pesto. In salads, mayonnaise or creamy dressings work wonderfully with these elegant spirals.

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