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Pasta is our passion.

Our resident chef is Papa Grandé, a third-generation Italian pasta fanatico who was schooled by the original matriarchs – his nonna, his mother, and his aunties.

In their kitchens south of Campania, home to iconic local Italian ingredients such as tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and macaroni, he learnt all there is to know to become a master.

Today he is part of our Pasta Grandé famiglia, and is here to share his pasta passion and expertise with you.

Pasta Grandè - only the best for your family

Pasta Grandè is pleasure food: From homely family dishes to romantic, candle-lit meals for two – Pasta Grandè fits in with your lifestyle. With just a twist of your fork and a lift of your spoon, you are welcome at our family table.

Maestro Papa Grande is an Italian masterchef. When he was just a boy, he learned to cook in his nonna’s cucina, later perfecting the art of Italian cooking in many great restaurants. Today he is part of the Pasta Grande famiglia, chosen to find, taste and bring to you, just the best of recipes.

If there’s one thing Papa Grandè knows, its pasta.

As the head of our pasta-loving famiglia, Papa Grandé has travelled and tasted his way through the kitchens of Italy to bring delicious, authentic, inspiring Italian cuisine to you and your family’s dinner table.

He’s here to help you. From traditional tips and inspirational ideas to quick dishes that suit your busy lifestyle, Papa Grandé’s got your back.

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